Friday, June 10, 2011

More Farro

Today, a variation on yesterday's farro dish, puls! I think that this also was a very common dish in the ancient world, farro with onion and pancetta.
Farro With Onion and Pancetta
olive oil
1) Heat up some olive oil in a pan and saute the onion and the pancetta.
I was at the Villa Julia, the incredible Etruscan museum here in Rome, yesterday and saw pans from Etruscan kitchens that looked exactly like the one pictured above. It is so fun to see how similar ancient kitchen utensils and pans are to modern kitchen utensils and pans. Also, the most incredible vase picturing the different stages of Greek animal sacrifice is in the Villa Julia which all of you interested in ancient food must see! It is incredible, but they would not let me take pictures. 
2) Add 1 part farro to 2-3 parts water just like in yesterday's post and cook farro until done. Eat!
This would have been a common dish for the average Roman. Now, you can eat it too! Enjoy!


Lew said...

How much meat did the average Roman eat?

Archeo-foodista said...

I do beleive that even in the Indian subcontinent we use these old utensils. have u ever come across any skillets? :)

Anonymous said...

Good post.