Monday, November 29, 2010

Make Your Own Cheese!

Today we will make some cheese. All you need is some whole milk and a lemon.
1) Pour the milk into a pot.
Slowly heat it until it is about to boil. Then add the juice from a lemon. The milk will begin to separate and look like this:
It separates into curds (solid stuff) and whey (liquid stuff). These are the curds:
Now pour into cheese cloth to collect the curds. What to do with the whey, you ask? Well, in Parma they feed it to the pigs and say that it makes their prosciutto taste the way it does. Isn't that awesome! There are two famous products from Parma, cheese and prosciutto, and the latter can't exist without the former. Wonderful. You, on the other hand, probably do not have a pig to feed your whey. 
Then gather up your cheese cloth into a little bundle.
and squeeze!
Voila! Cheese!
Now, if you want it to actually taste good, you can add herbs and spices to the first stage before you add the lemon juice. Stuff like salt and pepper and thyme really make this cheese taste good. You can also use zany stuff like goat milk for a taste of the ancient world! Cheese cloth is really for making cheese! Enjoy!

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